Donald Kelsey

Web Developer

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- Projects -


  • Scrapes posts on and stores information to be served out via Rails backend.
  • Scores posts by given author using private beta Grammarly API.
  • Generates statistics, leaderboards, and graphs with AngularJS front end.
  • Twitter integration allows for tweeting when scraping new blogs.


  • A clone of the Hashrocket TIL microblog
  • Fully test driven, and developed using Agile Methodologies through user stories.
  • Documented through self-written series of tutorials describing development flow and deployment steps.
  • Continuously deployed through OpenShift and Codeship CI/CD


  • A fully-functioned social media app made with Ruby on Rails
  • Deployed on Amazon EC2 with static content hosted on Amazon S3
  • Signing Up, Emails, Friending, Posting, Commenting, Photo Uploading, and Liking are implemented.

Path of Exile Build Collector

  • Periodically Scrapes and Collects Guides on the Path of Exile class forums
  • Sorts scraped guides by character and main skill
  • Deployed on, with rake tasks to automatically collect new guides on a set interval

Mr Commissioner

  • Tracks ESPN fantasy football leagues
  • Generates statistics not calculated by ESPN such as an ALL-PLAY record
  • Calculates a given team's luckiness/unluckiness during the season

Tipsy Tetris

  • Tetris clone written in Javascript
  • Displays game with the HTML5 canvas
  • The game has increased difficulty with a rotating game board


Naperville, IL -

I'm a developer living in the Chicagoland area looking for web development related positions. I love programming, going for walks, playing video games, but most importantly, I love learning new things and improving my skills!


Front End

  • Preparing for and very excited about the rolling out of the new ES6 standard.
  • Able to use vanilla Javascript, jQuery, or AngularJS whenever necessary to create interactive websites.
  • Capable with the popular CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap, and can still
  • Can follow the discipline of responsive design, combining both Bootstrap and pure CSS to allow content to cleanly accomodate devices of any size.

Database & Deployment

  • Understanding of website deployment to Heroku/Digital Ocean/Amazon EC2.
  • Versed in understanding existing and/or creating database schemas.
  • Has a love for optimization towards database query operations.
  • Knowledge of database design and working with databases through both ActiveRecord and Raw SQL queries.
  • Able to deploy applications that rely on sqlite3 or Postgresql databases, whether they are local or remote.

Back End

  • Knowledge in both the Ruby programming language and Rails web framework.
  • Proficient in using RESTful design where appropriate.
  • Passion for test-first test driven development whenever possible.
  • Strong understanding of the underlying MVC concept and can create Rails applications that are stand alone or feed information to front-end JavaScript applications.


  • Accustomed to Pair Programming and working in groups.
  • Experience in 3+ person team-based work using Git branching workflows.
  • Familiar with developing software in the Agile mindset.
  • Able to use tools such as Pivotal Tracker to work on large applications with multiple team members.